Godox S-type Bracket Bowens + Softbox 80x80cm + Grid

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Godox S-type Bracket Bowens + Softbox 80x80cm + Grid

Turn your reportage flash into a studio flash in no time with the Godox S-bracket. The Godox S-type Speedlite Bracket is a great product that Godox has patented. The unique mounting system for flash and flash heads means that this Speedlite Bracket can be used with almost all types and sizes of flash units. This mounting system works with a clamp instead of with Velcro, so you can use the bracket in both horizontal and vertical position. Another advantage of this system is that the hot shoe of your flash is not taxed.

The S-type Bowens mount gives you the opportunity to choose from a wide range of Bowens studio accessories. Thanks to the spigot, the bracket can easily be placed on a light stand

Complete with grid
The corresponding grid can be used to control the scattering of the light from the flash head. This can be especially helpful in smaller spaces. The soft light of the softbox is not affected, but you have more control over the direction of the light. This flexible grid has a Velcro strip on the side, making it quick and easy to attach.


  • Set consisting of a bracket and softbox
  • Unique mounting system for reporting flashes
  • The flash is fixed in the bracket with a clamp
  • Compatible with a wide range of Bowens studio accessories
  • Can be used in horizontal and vertical position
  • Simple, light and quick to use
  • Complete with a grid
  • Warranty 2 years

In the box

  • Godox S-type Bracket Bowens
  • Softbox 80x80 cm
  • Grid
  • Bag

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