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1x BY-BCA70 adapter;1x Lightning to usb-c cable;1x Usb-c to usb-c cable;1x Usb-a to usb-c cable;1x Protective bag; 2x Boya sticker;1x User manual; 1x Warranty card; 1x Full-color packaging

Boya Audio Adapter BY-BCA70 XLR Microphone to Smartphone

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The BY-BCA70 from Boya connects a microphone with XLR connector to your smartphone or computer. This gives you a universal adapter to record sound from various XLR sources with an external device. The sound is recorded without delay with a good sampling rate of 24bit/96kHz. Thanks to the reliable connection, possibility of 48v phantom power for microphones and absence of batteries, the BY-BCA70 can be used in almost every situation. One side of the BY-BCA70 connects to an XLR microphone or other audio source. The other side connects to your smartphone or PC. Three different cables are included for this purpose; Lightning (iPhone and iPad), usb-c (Android smartphones and pc/laptop) and usb-a (pc/laptop). The Lightning connection is MFi certified (Made For iPhone).

BY-BCA70 application

When working with professional microphones, instruments or other audio sources, for example while recording a podcast, with the BY-BCA70 you are able to transfer the audio to a smartphone or computer. The 6-meter cable allows you to work freely. The audio source is automatically recognized by the device, without having to install drivers. The audio can be shared with almost any program, such as Audition, Audacity and podcast apps. A 3.5mm port is provided on the BY-BCA70 for live listening with headphones or earbuds (see optional accessories). You adjust the volume of the audio signal from 0dB-30dB with rotary knob on the BY-BCA70's housing.

Тип товараАудио адаптер
СоединенияXLR to Smartphone

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