Irix Cine lens 150mm T3,0 for Canon EF Metric

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Irix Cine lens 150mm T3,0 for Canon EF Metric

  • Ultra HD 8K ready optics with superb image resolution,
  • invisible chromatic aberration and ultra low 0,1% distortion,
  • compatible with follow focus system,
  • weather sealed construction,
  • standardized front accessory diameter 95mm,
  • standardiz ed front filter thread 86x1.0mm,
  • Magnetic Mount System for Irix Cine accessories.
  • detachable and reversible lens hood,
  • macro magnification ratio of 1:1.
  • standardized geared rings positions,
  • focusing scale available with metric or imperial units,
  • standardized front accessory diameter 95mm,
  • similar weight,
  • laser engraved and UV reactive markings,
  • weather sealed construction,
  • detachable support foot,
  • Magnetic Mount System for Irix cine accessories.

The Irix Cine 150mm T3.0 Macro 1:1 is the full frame cine lens , ready for 8K UHD image resolution. It’s complex optical system is based on the same optical layout as the Irix 150mm f/2.8 Macro 1:1 . The lens consists of 12 optical elements arranged in 9 groups, four of which are high refractive index (HR) glass, and three low dispersion glass (ED). Because of these elements, this lens offers superb high resolution , nearly zero chromatic aberration a nd has almost no visible distortion (as low as 0,1%). The optical system has internal focusing system to provide as little “focus breathing” effect as possible.

In the eyes of a camera operator, a good and tough housing is of major importance. Irix is known for fine mechanical constructions, and in the Cine range we pushed this even further, focussing on superb operation ergonomics and a high precision mechanism . Quiet and smooth rotation of the focus ring was achieved thanks to the new MST lens positioning system created specially for the Irix Cine range. The Multi Start Thread mechanism, in combination with a sealed housing , ensures durable and long term operation of the lens in various atmospheric conditions even in the most demanding situations. The rotation angle of the focus ring is increased to 270 degrees, which makes focusing easy and accurate at any range. 

Highest attention has been paid to the aperture mechanism in these optics, where 11 iris blades with rounded edges create great bokeh and sharpness . The Irix Cine 150mm also significantly reduces the diffraction effect when filming at low aperture values. The de--clicked clicked aperture ranges fromaperture ranges from T3.0 to T32. The aperture ring rotates 75 degrees.

Unique design and well thought out ergonomics
The Irix Cine 150mm T3.0 Macro 1:1 lens stands out for it’s great ergonomics and design. The side edges of the focus gear rings are shielded by a special ring, providing a larger area for better manual handling whilst still compatible with follow focus systems . To maintain full compatibility with follow focus systems, an innovative solution was introduced in the form of a rotatable Adaptive Ring . It enables compatibility of the lens with follow focus drives of various widths of gears. For even greater freedom in the follow focus system configuration, the adaptive ring rotates at full angle with a steps of 15 degrees. Similar solution was used in the lens aperture ring section where it incr eases functionality and became characteristic detail of Irix Cine lens design. The markings on the lens are laser engraved and treated with UV fluorescent paint, to improve the readability in low light conditions.

Prepared for all weather conditions
The Irix Cine 150 mm T3.0 Macro 1:1 has been designed as a versatile tool in the hands of a filmmaker, built to withstand various weather conditions. The housing is equipped with seals to create a barrier for dust, rain and accidental splashes of water. The sealed construction ensures the safety of both the optical lens system and the camera sensor. 

Innovation as standard
The exceptional functionality and innovative solutions are a distinctive feature of all Irix products. This lens has been equipped with an unique Magnetic Mount System for accessories. The MMS system allows quick and easy attachment of variety dedicated accessories. The first of the new MMS accessories is the detachable and reversible lens hood.

Delivery Content
• Lens
• Lens hood
• Front lens cap
• Rear lens cap
• Lens support foot


Image coverage
full frame (43.3 mm)
Focal length
150 mm
Aperture range (T)
T3.0 ~ T32
Number of iris blades
11 (rounded shape)
Minimum focusing distance
0,35 m (13.78”)
Focus ring
rotation angle 270°
gear pitch 0.8 M
number of teeth 110
Aperture ring
rotation angle 75°
gear pitch 0.8 M
number of teeth 110
Viewing angle (horizontal)
Full Frame 13,7°
S-35mm 1.39x 9,6°
APS-C 1.53x 9°
APS-C 1.62x 8,5°
MFT 2.0x 6,6°
Front filter thread
86 x 1.0 mm
Weather sealing
5 rubber o rings
Front diameter
95 mm
laser engraved, UV reactive
136 x 97 mm
1105 g
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