Держатели для фонов - Linkstar крепление для фона BS-2431 232x315 см - купить сегодня в магазине и с доставкой
2 x stand L-24S;1 x cross beam ;1 x canvas bag ;1x hex key ;2 x spigot top pieces
  • Set of support for rolls or sheets
  • Telescoping cross bar with light stands
  • Handy carry bag included

Linkstar крепление для фона BS-2431 232x315 см

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The Linkstar Background System BS-2431 for Cloth or Paper Rolls is a quick and simple system to assemble, making it ideal for use on location or in the studio. This system can be used in conjunction with both, paper and cloth backdrops. The stands are equipped with standard couplings so that they can be used for lamps and studio flash units. The crossbar consists of 4 sections, which can be attached to each other with head screws, allowing you to determine the width of the background. The stands are provided with a spigot with a 3/8 male screw thread.

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Вид крепления фонастойки с перекладиной для фона

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