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Gaismu stiprinājums pie galda, sienasFalcon Eyes Tube Clamp + Spigot CL-35A
Falcon Eyes Tube Clamp + Spigot CL-35A

Falcon Eyes Tube Clamp + Spigot CL-35A

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Falcon Eyes


Stiprinājums zibspuldzes piestiprināšanai pie sienas, galda vai cita plakana objekta biezumā 10-40mm.Falcon Eyes Tube Clamp + Spigot CL-35A

The Falcon Eyes CL-35A Tube Clamp and Spigot consists of 2 parts.


Part 1:
;The first part of the CL-35A is the Falcon Eyes CL-35M. The Falcon Eyes CL-35M Tube Clamp is equipped with a spigot and can be clamped on a tube, table or board up to 35mm thick. The CL-35M is equipped with a 1.6cm opening and wing bolt enabling you to insert and fasten, the interchangeable spigot. The included spigot is equipped with a male screw thread and a 3/8 male screw thread, on which a studio lamp, speedlite, etc. can be mounted.


The clamp is made of metal and contains a rubber coating to prevent damage and slipping, and the spigot holder is made of a sturdy synthetic material.


Part 2:
;The second part of the CL-35A can be coupled onto the CL-35M (part 1). When coupled together, the spigot can be moved and fastened in 3 different positions allowing you to mount a variety of different accessories such as a speedlite or lamp holder.

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