walimex Metal and Tube Clamp 2-fold

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walimex pro


walimex Metal and Tube Clamp 2-fold
  • very convenient for connecting tubes, crossbars, extension arms etc. with max. 25mm diameter
  • for fastening on bars and rods with max. 25mm diameter
  • very high stability
  • easy to mount
  • ideally suitable for the reflector bar in our assortment

This 2-fold Clamp can be attached to rods and tubes of different thickness. The 4 different big inserting possibilities allow diameters from 8mm to max. 25mm.
The handle, which is mounted on both sides, ensures an easy tightening of the clamp with very high stability.

Dimensions (LxW)approx. 18x10cm
Clamp (Ø)approx. 7cm
Weightapprox. 620g
Material metal/plastic
  • 1x walimex pro Metal and Tube Clamp 2-fold


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