Больше не производится - walimex Rain Cover for SLR Cameras

Convenient protective cover for your SLR against rain, snow and dust, extra-huge viewing window, can be rainproof tightened with drawstring

walimex Rain Cover for SLR Cameras

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Этот товар больше не производится и не доступен для заказа!

  • protects your SLR reliably against rain, snow, splash water, dust, etc.
  • easy and quick covering
  • with extra-huge viewing window
  • convenient drawstrings at lens opening and both arm openings
  • double zipper on the bottom side for the use on a tripod
  • suitable for cameras with a height of approx 15cm

Unfortunately, the sun don´t shine on every outdoor shooting! Rain, fog and dust can cloud the fun on animal, nature and sports photography. That don´t need to be! With the suitable equipment you can defy all these adversities and continue having fun taking pictures!

The walimex Rain Cover provides perfect protection for your camera and lens with only 160g. With a few steps you can cover your SLR within seconds, so that a sudden rain shower couldn´t do any harm. There is a drawstring on both arm openings, which can be tightened rainproof. Also the lens opening is equipped with a drawstring and besides a high-quality Velcro fastener provides additional stability. Thanks to the double zipper on the bottom side of the Cover, you can also use your “anti-rain-device” on a tripod. The extra-large viewing window allows a broad view on the display and the operation functions of your camera.

General information

Product Type Camera rain protection
Product Color Black, Transparent
Compatibility Cameras with height of approx. 15cm


Girth 633mm
Height of Packaging 109mm
Length of Packaging 165mm
Packaging Material Polybag/Carton
Weight incl. Packaging 165g
Width of Packaging 125mm
ЗащитаЧехлы от дождя
Защита для камерSpoguļkamerām

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