mantona Multiflex tripod M 27cm black

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mantona Multiflex tripod M 27cm black
  • particularly flexible and bendable and thus versatile in use - no matter whether with smartphone, system camera, DSLR or Action-Cam.
  • individually bendable tripod legs for attachment in any position and on any object or surface
  • usable as table tripod or micro tripod
  • extremely light and thus conveniently to transport
  • tiltable ball head
  • with convenient quick-release plate and 1/4 inch camera screw
  • max. load bearing capacity: approx. 0.8 kg

Universally usable, for reliable hold
With the Multiflex tripod M from mantona you will no longer miss any chance of taking photos with tripod. No matter whether on a rock, on a tree or a banister – due to its flexible hinged legs the Multiflex tripod can be used in a vast variety of locations, where conventional tripods can no longer be used. Even placed on a table your camera will be reliably held by the Multiflex tripod, because of its rubber feet. No matter whether digital cameras, system cameras or DSLR, smartphones and Action Cams like GoPro & Co, the tripod is the ideal "always present tripod".

Tiltable and with quick-release plate
The ball head is tiltable, which gives your creativity even more freedom. For quick assembly and disassembly you may leave the quick-release plate mounted to your camera. This way it is not necessary to remove the camera from the tripod in case of frequent location changes.

Conveniently to transport
The Multiflex tripod is extremely light and small and can thus be stowed away in almost any bag to accompany you to almost any location.

Max. height:approx. 26 cm
Min. height:approx. 6 cm
Weight:approx. 170 g
Max. load bearing capacity:approx. 0.8 kg
Connection:1/4 inch
Material:Plastic, neoprene
  • 1 x mantona Multiflex tripod M, 27 cm, black
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