Больше не производится - Boya микрофон BY-VM600

1X BY-VM600 shotgun microphone; 1x Deadcat; 1x Packaging

  • Unidirectional shotgun microphone
  • Frequency response: 35–18 000 Hz
  • Reduces background noise
  • Fur & foam windshield included

Boya микрофон BY-VM600

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The Boya BY-VM600 is a shotgun cardioid target microphone, suitable for general sound recording. An ideal accessory to lift the sound quality of your DSLR camera or camcorder to a higher level. The coldshoe on the bottom of the BY-VM600 attaches to the camera's hotshoe, after which you connect the 3.5mm cable. After inserting an AA battery (not included), you can turn on the BY-VM600 microphone with a slider on the back. With the other two sliders, a low-cut filter and a +10 dB booster can be enabled. This respectively reduces background noise and increases the sound level by 10 dB. The BY-VM600 features a rubber shock absorber, which minimizes cracking noise during movement. The windshield ensures that the noise of the wind is limited while recording.


Usage BY-VM600 shotgun targeting microphone


You can use the BY-VM600 target microphone for clear sound recordings at events, fairs, weddings and more. When you focus your camera lens on the subject, the same goes with the target microphone. Thus, the sound is recorded, reducing ambient noise.

Подключение микрофонас проводом
Соединительный штекер3,5mm

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