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3x Lampholder with umbrella holder LH-27SU; 3x Daylight lamp 45W PL-L45; 2x Flash umbrella; 2x W802 tripod; 1x I-2001 lamp stand; 1x Tripod bag

Falcon Eyes Daylight Set 3x45W with Tripods and Umbrellas

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Falcon Eyes


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This set consists of three daylight lamps, two of which you can equip with a flash umbrella. Together with the accompanying tripods and lamp holders, this is a simple set to photograph and expose a person or small product up close. The set produces a small amount of light, which makes the set stand out best in a well-lit room. You can find the individual products with the optional accessories.

Application Daylight set 3x45W

If you are looking for extra light for a portrait or product photo, this daylight set is a handy tool. The umbrellas provide a soft, natural light. The third lamp can be used as a backlight, for portrait photos this can provide a nicely illuminated edge around the model.

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