Foto filmiņas - Foma film Fomapan 400/36 Set 6 films + cartrige V11024 - быстрый заказ от производителя
  • Панхроматическая черно-белая негативная пленка
  • Рулон пленки 35 мм
  • Чувствительность ISO 400
  • Стандартная черно-белая экспозиция
  • В комплект входит 6 рулонов пленки и 1 кассета

Foma film Fomapan 400/36 Set 6 films + cartrige V11024

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This Pre-Spooled Reload Kit comes equipped with 6 pre-spooled rolls of 36 exp film. One of the rolls is supplied inside of a plastic reloadable cartridge, ready to use and clearly labeled. The other 5 rolls of film are rolled onto spools and kept inside plastic cans without a film cartridge. After shooting the first roll, you can re-use the cartridge provided or any other reloadable cartridge to load one of the other 5 spooled rolls into a cassette (in a dark bag or blackout room).

Fomapan 400 Action is a panchromatic sensitized, black-and-white negative film designed for taking photographs under unfavorable light conditions or using short exposure times. The film meets high requirements for low granularity, good resolving power and good contour sharpness. Fomapan 400 Action has a nominal speed rating of 400 ISO, but due to its wide exposure latitude the film gives good results even when overexposed by 1 exposure value or underexposed by 2 exposure values without any change in processing times.
  • Panchromatic black & white negative film
  • 35 mm film roll
  • ISO 400 sensitivity
  • 36 frames
  • Standard B&W developing
  • Includes 6 film rolls & 1 cartridge
Вид продуктаКартриджи для инстакамер
Вид продуктаЧерно-белые пленки
Формат плёнки35mm стандартная
ISO чувствительность400
Количество кадров36
Тип плёнкиЧёрнобелая

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