walimex pro Neoprene Camera Protection Cover S

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Walimex pro


walimex pro Neoprene Camera Protection Cover S
  • protects your SLR camera against pushes, scratches and moisture
  • optimal for storage and transportation
  • water-proof and elastic neoprene material
  • can be used double-sided with grey or black outer face
  • easily and quickly to operate
  • suitable for small cameras with mounted lens up to max. 12cm depth, e.g.: Canon EOS 350D, 440D, Nikon D60, D40/40x

The camera as most important implement of every photographer deserves a secure and flexible protection. Neoprene, which is water and dirt repellent, is the right material to ensure this protection. Because the soft, velvety lining nestle to your camera very smoothly.

The walimex Camera Protection Cover in size S can be used quick and uncomplicated. Simply putted over your camera and closed with the Velcro fastener, you camera is protected against splash water, scratches and dust within seconds. As cuddly the Neoprene Cover is to your camera as cuddly is also the appearance to your liking: Because with the double-sided usable Cover you can use either the black or the grey side according to your taste. Due to the size of 15x12x7cm, the Neoprene Cover is suitable for smaller SLR cameras with mounted lens.

Outer Dimensions folded out (LxWxH)approx. 27x15x7cm
Inner Dimensions folded in (LxWxH)approx. 15x12x7cm
Weightapprox. 110g
  • 1x walimex pro Neoprene Camera Protection Case S







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