Color Confidence Grafilite Mode

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Color Confidence


Colour Confidence GrafiLite Mode - A stylish source of natural lighting Assess colour in the accuracy of natural light with the Color Confidence GrafiLite Mode. Colour appearance can become distorted under artificial home or office lighting, and surrounding colours may bias your colour perception. The GrafiLite Mode produces high-definition simulated natural light, allowing you to assess colour differences accurately and clearly, day or night. Ideal for photographers, designers or anyone concerned with colour accuracy, the GrafiLite Mode illuminates an oversize A3 area, making it suitable for larger proofs as well as photographic prints. Its modern design makes it a stylish addition to any studio, or even a home environment for use as a reading lamp or for craft work. Each GrafiLite Mode comes with a neutral mat to avoid distraction from surrounding colours. Color Confidence Tip Although GrafiLite Mode tubes are rated for up to 10,000 hours, illumination quality will deteriorate with use (from either continuous or intermittent usage). As with any professional viewing lamp, for optimum illumination quality, tubes should be replaced on an annual basis. We recommend adding a spare tube to your order (see options). Please do not attempt to use any other model of bulb in the GrafiLite Mode as this may damage the unit or impair its operation. - See more at:

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