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1x DV-112LTV LED lamp; 1x Hotshoe adapter; 1x Packaging
  • Powerful LED video light
  • 1250 lux at 1 m
  • Color temperature: 6500 K
  • Continuously adjustable brightness
  • Compact and portable

Falcon Eyes LED Lamp Set Dimmable DV-112LTV on Penlite

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Falcon Eyes


The DV-112LTV from Falcon Eyes is a powerful LED lamp that you can mount on the hotshoe of your camera. This way you have enough light for a nice view while filming in the dark. You will be amazed by the wide light range of the DV-112LTV. The 112 built-in LEDs have a color temperature of 5500K. With the turning knob on the back you can adjust the brightness, to adjust the light perfectly in every situation. With full penlites, the DV-112LTV lasts more than 90 minutes. The supplied adapter makes it possible to mount the DV-112LTV on both a hot shoe and a 1/4 male thread.


Usage DV-112LTV


Thanks to the flicker-free light of the DV-112LTV, you can use the LED light in almost all video productions. The DV-112LTV offers a solution in low-light situations. Think of capturing weddings, interviews, emergency incidents and similar situations. There are hotshoe connectors located on the side and top of the DV-112LTV to attach multiple DV-112LTV lamps or other accessories to the LED lamp.

Цветовая температура5500-5600K белый свет
Регулировка яркостирегулируемая

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