Boya Dual Stereo Microphone BY-MM3

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1x Boya BY-MM3;1x Cable for smartphones (3.5 mm Jackplug);1x Cable for cameras (3.5 mm Jackplug);2x Windshield;1x Dead cat;1x Carrying case; 1x Warranty card;1x Full color packaging


The Boya BY-MM3 is a compact duo stereo microphone. It draws its power from the device it is connected to, so you do not need a battery. The included TRS and TRRS cables ensure that microphone is compatible with almost all smartphones, tablets, DSLRs and other cameras that have a 3.5mm input. The microphone is lightweight and compact, making it easy to use for handheld recording. The coldshoe at the bottom of the BY-MM3 attaches to the hotshoe of your camera, then you connect the microphone with the 3.5mm cable. The BY-MM3 features a rubber shock absorber, which minimizes creaking noise during movement. The windshield and deadcat ensure that wind noise is limited in the recording.

Application duo stereo microphone BY-MM3

If your device is stereo compatible, the sound is recorded on 2 channels, which is useful when you are interviewing someone, for example. In the optional accessories, you will find a holder on which you can place the BY-MM3 and you can place your smartphone. Because the BY-MM3 contains no battery, the microphone functions without a power supply. So you never forget to turn your microphone on or off.

Phone, camera and holder not included.

Тип товараMicrophones
МикрофоныРазнонаправленные микрофоны
Подключение микрофонас проводом
Соединительный штекер3,5mm

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