Falcon Eyes Honeycomb Grid + 4 Color Filters SSA-HC for SS Series

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Falcon Eyes


1 x Honeycomb Grid; 4 x Colour Filters


The Falcon Eyes SSA-HC Honeycomb Grid is suitable for the Falcon Eyes SS-Series studio flash units and is supplied with 4 colour filters. The honeycomb grid is often used to illuminate hair in portrait photography or as background light for portrait, product or food photography. Further the SSA-HC ensures the light is bundled and directed toward the object you wish to capture, providing you with a spotlight effect. The red, blue, green and yellow colour filters can simply be clicked onto the honeycomb grid.

This product is no longer available. As an alternative, we recommend the 573117. You will also find it on the optional accessories.

The SSA-HC from Falcon Eyes is a honeycomb set developed for studio flash units with a 9.5 cm diameter, such as flash units from the Falcon Eyes SS series and Linkstar MT series. With this you can bundle the light of your flash unit to a light angle of about 40 degrees. The honeycomb can be used for background, detail or hair light.

In combination with the four included color filters you can expand the honeycomb with more effects. The color filters are red, blue, green and yellow and are easy to click over the honeycomb.

With which flash units can I use this set?

The SSA-HC is compatible with all studio flash units of which the housing has an outside diameter of 9.5 cm. For example the Falcon Eyes SS-200D or Linkstar MT-250D (see optional accessories).

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