K&F Concept KF,M18106,HIGH PRECISION LENS ADAPTER,Anti reflection,NIK(G)-NEX IV PRO KF06.502

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K&F Concept


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Effortlessly adapt your Canon FD/FL series lenses to Sony E series bodies with our precision-engineered Adapter Ring. The fully manual control ensures a stable and secure grip, enhancing safety during use. Featuring a red dot logo for precise alignment, the adapter facilitates easy installation and disassembly. The tight integration of the connection ring and bayonet eliminates any risk of looseness. Crafted from a high-precision aluminum-magnesium alloy, the durable ring ensures a perfect transfer, allowing for comfortable and smooth lens macro functions with the added benefit of infinity focus. Elevate your photography with this reliable and versatile adapter.

  • * Adapter ring for Canon FD/FL series lens to Sony E series body
  • * Fully manual control, the shape is stable, not easy to slip, and safer
  • * Red dot logo, precise alignment, easy installation and disassembly
  • * The connection ring and the bayonet are tightly and smoothly combined, and there is no loose phenomenon
  • * High-precision perfect transfer, aluminum-magnesium alloy ring body, durable, comfortable and smooth disassembly Lens macro function, and can focus at infinity

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