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1x Zep Photo Frame AP125 Seattle 10x10 cm

Zep Acryl Photo Frame AP125 Seattle 10x10 cm

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The AP125 Seattle by Zep Italia is a transparent plastic photo frame which is suitable for two photos (one on each side). You can place pictures of 10x10cm in this frame. The photo frame is characterized by its sleek look. The total dimensions, including the frame, are 10x10 cm. The thick plastic edge provides a beautiful 3D look.


Usage AP125 Seattle


The photo frame is suitable for vertical and horizontal installation. You can place the photo frame on almost any surface.


Photo frames from Zep Italia


Zep Italia photo frames are known for their high quality and luxurious finish. The glass that is used has a high light transmittance. The photo frames are made with attention to detail and provide nice details. Matching designs are available for each interior and taste: some frames are characterized by their sleek design, while others create a nonchalant, cozy atmosphere with their vintage appearance.


Large assortment


Benel has included some of the Zep Italia photo frames in the assortment. Have you seen a nice photo frame, but does it not fit the size you wish? Feel free to contact us.


Тип рамкиДля одной фотографии
Максимальный формат фотографии, см10x10

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