walimex 5in1 Reflector Set, 107cm

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  • universal foldable Reflector with stretcher frame for the necessary stability
  • foldable and defoldable within seconds
  • for indoor and outdoor use
  • five different covers:
    • three reflection surfaces for brightening: white-neutral, silver-cold, gold-warm
    • black surface for shadowing
    • diffusion surface against sunlight, which is too hard
  • with convenient carrying bag; carrying size approx. Ø 40cm

This 5in1 Reflector Set with 107cm diameter is a technically mature solution for the lighting of your portrait photographs. It can be used flexibly for indoor and outdoor photography. It is also the perfect assistant inside the studio in order to brighten bothersome shadows or to achieve light effects. The extensive set consists of a sturdy foldable reflector which is covered with a diffuser foil and three additional reflection surfaces: White-neutral, silver-cold, gold-warm, and a black surface for shadowing. The required surface is stretched over the reflector as a double-sided cover with a zipper.  The reflector is also suitable to be used on a reflector bracket. The foldable reflector is delivered folded in a carrying bag (approx. Ø40cm).

General information

Product Color Black, Silver, White, Golden, Transparent
Coating Color Golden, White, Silver, Black, Transparent
Operation Area Indoor, Outdoor
Material Synthetic fibre, metal (frame)
Diameter 1070mm
Weight 750g
Transport Measure Ca. Ш 40cm
handle No
form Round
Self Tautening Yes


Girth 895mm
Height of Packaging 39mm
Length of Packaging 389mm
Weight incl. Packaging 787g
Width of Packaging 389mm
Форма отражателякруглый
Цвета отражателя5 цветов

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