StudioKing Lantern Softbox SK-SL65 65 cm

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1x StudioKing Lantern Softbox SK-SL65 65 cm; 1x Carrying case


The StudioKing Lantern Softbox SK-SL65 is designed to gently and evenly spread the light from your flash or lamp in all directions. This makes it ideal for use in video shoots and portrait passport photos, for example. The unit is easy to set up making it an ideal solution for the photographer and videographer who is on the road a lot, also because the unit is very lightweight.

Usage StudioKing Lantern Softbox SK-SL65

As mentioned above, setting up is very easy. You place the diffuse cloth around the skeleton and put it on a surface after which you pull the rubber bands around the adapter ring. Then you push the skeleton in and hook the whole thing together. All this is done within 5 seconds. The same applies to storing. You can place the SK-SL65 on your Bowens, Linkstar, StudioKing, Jinbei, Qihe, Lastolite, Aurora flash units and other flash units with a Linkstar S-Bayonet. 

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