Falcon Eyes Softbox RX-18SB II for LED RX-18TDX II

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Falcon Eyes


The RX-18SB II from Falcon Eyes consists of a softbox and diffusion cloth. This accessory set is designed for the flexible LED panel RX-18TDX II (see optional accessories). You can use the softbox to soften the light of the lamp.

How does it work?
You place the softbox deep into the light source so that little light is lost. The softbox then provides a nice, soft lighting.

Application Falcon Eyes RX-18SB II

This accessory set is suitable for everyone who has the waterproof LED panel RX-18TDX II at his disposal. You can use these accessories for portrait photography, interviews or video productions for example, both in your studio and on location.

Please note that this set is only suitable for use with the Falcon Eyes RX-18TDX II (see optional accessories). You can therefore not use this softbox and honeycomb with the RX-18TD or RX-18T.


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