Стойка Falcon Eyes LM-6000HA особо прочная 600 см

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Falcon Eyes


1 x Light Stand; 1 x Spigot with 1/4"" Male Thread


The Falcon Eyes LM-6000HA Heavy Duty Light Stand is a durable, air suspended light stand with a large spread for extra stability. The LM-6000HA is therefore essential for event photography and photography of tall objects. The supplied spigot enables you to mount various accessories on the LM-6000HA. With the addition of an optional thread adapter, a ball head or panoramic head can be mounted on the light stand. Further, the Pixel Expert Wireless Remote Control is an ideal accessory to use in conjunction with the LM-6000HA. To view these compatible accessories and more, please see the optional accessories tab below.


Falcon Eyes LM-6000HA Heavy Duty Light Stand Loading Weight


With just the first section fully extended: 22.5 kg
;The first and second sections fully extended: 20 kg
;The first, second and third sections fully extended: 17.5 kg
;The first, second, third and fourth sections fully extended: 10 kg
;The first, second, third, fourth and fifth sections fully extended: 4 kg


For extra stability, optional counterweights can be mounted on the legs of the light stand. To view these counterweights, please see the optional accessories tab below.

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