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1x Falcon Eyes Water Bag Large WB-L

Falcon Eyes Water Bag Large WB-L

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Falcon Eyes


The Falcon Eyes WB-L Large Water Bag can hold up to 6 bottles or cans filled with liquid and is essential for use as a counterweight for a light boom. The WB-L is light and compact making it easy to take to and from location and fill with bottles or cans on the spot. The end of the WB-L is equipped with a metal ring and clasp, enabling you to hang the water bag from a hook. An optional CL35H Tube Clamp with Hook can be attached in order to use the sand bag in conjunction with a boom arm. To view all compatible accessories, please see the optional accessories tab below.


* Please note the WB-L can hold a weight of up to 10 kgs.

Тип товараBoom
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