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1x FLIR Eyecap Scout
1x FLIR Eyecap Scout and LS;1x Synthetic packaging

FLIR Eyecap Scout

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The Flir Eyecap for Scout is a rubber eyecap for when you have lost the Eyecap of your Flir scout device.


Usage FLIR Eyecap Scout


You can use the Flir Eyecap for Scout if you have lost the eyecap of your Scout or it has been damaged.


The FLIR Eyecap 4127309 is an open rubber eyepiece for your FLIR monocular thermal imaging camera. The eyepiece section is compatible with thermal cameras from the FLIR Scout and LS series. You can use the FLIR Eyecap 4127309 as a spare part, for example if you have lost it. This eyepiece is not lockable and not compatible with the FLIR Scion's.


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