EL-Skyport USB Speed MK-II # 19363

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Part of the EL Skyport radio release system, this EL Skyport USB RX MKII Transceiver from Elinchrom automatically searches for units with Transceiver RX modules or with built-in Skyport RX receivers and allows computer control and monitoring of the flash's settings. Controllable functions include flash power setting in 1/10 f-stop or in individually settable steps, modeling lamp setting in 1/10 stop increments as well as proportional, free (manual) and power off, photocell and audible recycle alert on/off, standby and socket selection on RX packs.

Computer Remote Control Features
  • Wireless Remote Control of all RX features and extra options with the EL-Skyport Software 3.0
  • Automatic PnP (Plug and Play) detection. The software automatically adds connected RX units to its list. All EL-Skyport Universal Receivers are detected but with functions limited to triggering.
  • Flash Stand-By: activation and deactivation of flash trigger via EL-Skyport software
  • Adjustable independent flash delay triggering for flash sequencing of between 5 milliseconds and 16 seconds
  • Save and recall settings of RX units and Universal Receiver settings
  • Compatibility Mac or Windows systems
    RX Flash units and packs
    Channels and Groups 8 Channels, 4 groups
    Security 40 Bit encryption
    Connection USB A
    Frequency 2.4 GHz
    Range Indoors: 164' (50 m)
    Outdoors: 394' (120 m)

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