Rolux Mini V-Mount Battery Plate RL-AC13S

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The RL-AC13S from Rolux is a battery plate that allows you to power your camera, LED light or sound set. You attach the RL-AC13S to the universal 15 mm camera rods (not included), thanks to the two holes at the bottom. Then you place a battery on the RL-AC13S and power is available through two D-tap ports. The voltage available depends on the battery. D-tap is a universal standard used to power various professional cameras and accessories. Optional accessories include a recommended v-mount battery and various d-tap cables.

Application RL-AC13S

When you want to reliably power your professional camera, the RL-AC13S is an indispensable power accessory. This way it is no problem to shoot all day long without changing the battery. The aluminum housing ensures minimal weight and reliable operation. Both universal d-tap ports can be used simultaneously to power devices; for example, a Panasonic or Sony camera with a LED lamp on top.

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