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  • 1x Photorobot Cube V5;
  • 1x 95cm Turntable;
  • 1x Control unit;
  • 1x AC Power cable;
  • 1x Motor cable

Photorobot Cube V5

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New product

A Universal 360° Photo-solution!

The Photorobot Cube is a unique device. Thanks to the many available accessories and additions, it can not only be used as a turntable platform for photographing products / objects up to 130 kg.

Usage Cube

A big advantage of this unit is that it can be quickly converted to a rotating mannequin to photograph clothes. But that's not all: The Cube can also be used to capture complex products / objects, thanks to the hanging option, while maintaining its load capacity.

Photorobot subscription

Because the _Controls software runs in the cloud, you do not have to invest in powerful computers. A recent basic PC or laptop is OK. Photorobot offers a free basic subscription of the _Controls software. This allows you to control the turntable, lighting and the optional robotic arm. If you make a few captures per week, we recommend this version. If you work more intensively with the 360 platform, a full version of the software is available. For this you pay 149,- per month, with which all functions can be used. A summary:

  • You can work with presets in order to always store products with certain properties in the same way. Set the number of shots, the height of the camera, the angle of the camera and the strength of the light. With the free version, you must continuously reset these values per product
  • Separate pictures of products can also be set as a preset in the full version. Are you photographing 50 versions of a specific product? Then you get separate photos from each product from identical self-selected angles
  • When editing the 360 photos, you might see that a product was not completely on the center of the turntable. Then _Controls adjusts the center of all photos within a few seconds
  • The background is automatically removed from all photos. You can place the products online with a transparent background or self-chosen color
  • You optionally upload an XML feed to _Controls, allowing you to keep optimal control of the progress. The progress per individual user of the software within your team can also be viewed
  • The EAN code of products can be scanned with an optional barcode scanner. This way, photos are directly linked to the data from the XML file. This provides an overview for large numbers
  • 360 checks can be assessed, approved and uploaded within your team by different colleagues
  • All photos of a 360 shot can be edited in at once. Think of brightness, contrast and cropping. The color of a product is also adjustable. Do you sell green, blue and red socks? Then you only have to capture one color. Later, you duplicate this 3D model and simply adjust the color of the copy.
  • The full version can be extended with a 'Regular' license. If you have multiple Photorobot devices, this package is a possibility to use all functions. The extra costs are 49,- per month.

Photorobot cloud storage

Photorobot offers a cloud solution, to upload 360 files to your website carefree. You do not need to rent your own cloud storage and arrange the technical aspect. For the cloud, Photorobot uses the fastest servers, combined with CDN. A 360 file loads extremely fast on computers and smartphones of your customers. Files are backed up on multiple world continents and Phototobot guarantees operation and consistency. A suitable cloud size is available for each number of products. Two examples for indication: storing 150 products in the Photorobot cloud costs 59,- per month. Storing 600 products in the Photorobot cloud costs 159,- per month. Of course it s also possible to process the individual photos externally into a 360 object and upload them yourself to your website.

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