MagMod MagBox PRO 24 Octa Starter Kit SK PRBS24V1

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Professional and creative
The MagMod MagBox PRO 24 Octa Starter Kit offers both ease of use and the ability to achieve professional, creative results, making it an excellent choice for both amateur and professional photographers. The kit includes Magbox Pro 24 Octa, Magshoe 2, Magring 2 and the MagGrip 2.


The Magbox provides soft light and a diameter of 60 cm
Quick and easy to assemble
The Magshoe is sturdy and ergonomic
The MagGrip 2 fast and secure attachment of modifiers
MagRing 2 is also suitable for flash units with a round head

MagMod Magbox Pro 24 Octa
If you like soft light, youll be super happy with the MagBox Pro 24 Octa. This great new Octabox has time saving features like the super fast zippered diffuser (with integrated built in storage compartment!) magnetic Grid (sold separately) for light control, easy installation and integrated gel slot, making it the fastest, easiest and most awesome octabox for photographers ever.

Magmod MagShoe 2
The MagShoe 2 is the upgraded, even sturdier, universal, ergonomic bracket for cold shoe connections that you can operate with one hand. Slide your flash in, turn the lock 90 degrees and youre done. This is a must have for any photographer who wants to work faster, easier and more awesomely.

MagMod MagRing 2
While the original MagRings unique approach to single or dual speedlite mounting is unique, the new MagRing 2 is now happy to allow round flashes into the lightning fast speedlite mounting party.
The quickly detachable centre panel makes it easy to change between a traditional speedlite flash or a flash with round heads in seconds. MagMods design ethos of universal flash compatibility is like having your cake and eating it, too.

MagMod MagGrip 2
The innovative MagMod MagGrip 2 is the magnetic base for MagMods modular system for reportage flashes! No more fussing with Velcro or self devised systems.  ,

Features MagMod Magbox Pro 24 Octa

Zippered diffusion panel, with integrated storage compartment
Optional magnetic Grid 
Durable lightweight rip stop shell
Hassle free, quick installation and removal
Mounting in seconds on MagRing or Speedring adapter
Soft light with a large diameter
Integrated gel slot for instant colour with MagBox gels (exclusive)
Silver reflective interior
Open and obstacle free centre
Works with Speedlites or flashes (speed ring sold separately)
Perfect for the studio, home or on the go
2 year warranty

Features Magmod MagShoe 2

Universal ColdShoe attachment
V2 update is sturdier, for larger Boxes
Holds flash units securely in place with a durable locking mechanism
Gold anodised top
Large squeezable knob for easy and precise one handed angle adjustment
Locks quickly, with slide and twist clamp
Ergonomic pistol grip offers easy handling
Works perfectly in combination with the MagRing
Can be used on a lamp stand or by hand
Compatible with virtually any Speedlight flash unit
Includes 14 20 adapter for flash units such as the AD200 or to mount LED light panels and GoPro cameras.
2 year warranty

Features MagMod MagRing 2

Quick and easy
Allows the use of 2 flashes
Removable centre fin for use with larger or even round flash units
2 year warranty

Features MagMod MagGrip 2

For quick and secure attachment of modifiers
Universal attachment that fits a wide range of speedlites, including flash units with round heads
Made of durable silicone material
Strong, secure and perfectly optimised magnets
2 year warranty


1 x MagMod Magbox Pro 24 Octa
1 x Magmod MagShoe 2
1 x MagMod MagRing 2
1 x MagMod MagGrip 2
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