walimex pro XL Tele Reflector for walimex pro & K

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New product

  • for all flashes of the walimex pro VT, VE, VC & VC PLUS series as well as the walimex K series
  • very high light output - smooth transition ont the edge of the light beam
  • ideal for product and fashion photography or shootings from a big distance
  • very sturdy workmanship

Every photographer knows about the importance of light design and control and that it often makes the difference between a good and a perfect picture. With the Tele Reflector in Extra Large, you will get the suitable device, so that light characteristic and light output will become a self runner.

The gigantic light output of the 45° Reflector leads to perfectly illuminated product and fashion photography. Even if you want to take pictures from long distances, e.g. a stucco detail at the ceiling, you will find the right basis for optimal lighting with this huge Reflector.

General information

Material Aluminium
Product Color Black, Silver
Weight 630g
Depth 320mm


Bayonet Walimex pro K
Coating Silver
Illumination Angle 45°
Refector kind Tele reflector
Diameter 290mm


Girth 1660mm
Height of Packaging 310mm
Length of Packaging 420mm
Packaging Material Carton
Packaging with Euro Hole No
Weight incl. Packaging 1300g
Width of Packaging 310mm
Adapter includedWalimex

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