Ceiling Rail Systems - Falcon Eyes Parts Set for Pantograph 3360C - quick order from manufacturer
1x Double Cart; 1x Single Cart; 2x Cable Guide; 1x Bag of Tie Wraps; 1x Spigot; 1x Safety Cable; 4x Rail Stopper

Falcon Eyes Parts Set for Pantograph 3360C

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Falcon Eyes

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 With the Falcon Eyes spare parts set for Pantograph 3360C you get an extra or replacement spare parts set for your Falcon Eyes or Linkstar Pantograph. It is wise to have a spare parts set in stock in case you can't find a part when you need it.

This set contains the same accessories which are supplied with the Pantograph with spring system from Falcon Eyes and Linkstar.

Application Falcon Eyes Parts Set for Pantograph 3360C

With this set, you have all the accessories you need, for example, to hang the pantograph on the ceiling track system. Accessories can be attached to it and then easily moved along the rail.

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