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  • Dubultais Lavalier mikrofons
  • Ieraksta divus skaņas avotus vienlaicīgi
  • Frekvenču diapazons: 45 – 20 000 Hz
  • Apple Lightning, USB‑C un USB savienojums
  • Saderīgs gan ar telefoniem, gan ar kamerām

Boya Interview Kit BY-DM20 for iOS und Android

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New product

The Boya BY-DM20 is a duo lavalier microphone, suitable for iOS, Android (usb-c), PCs and laptops. You can connect the BY-DM20 to your device using the included Lightning cable, USB-c cable or USB-a cable. The two supplied lavalier microphones can be connected to the BY-DM20 using the 3.5 mm cable.


Special features BY-DM20


For both channels you can adjust the volume yourself by means of the rotary knob. There is a button that allows you to switch between stereo or mono, depending on the use of one or two microphones. While recording, you can listen live by connecting headphones or earplugs to the special 3.5 mm output. It is also possible to replay a recording afterwards. To do this, play back the recording on your device and slide the special button on the BY-DM20 from 'REC' to 'PLAY'.


Usage BY-DM20


If you want to record a conversation between two people and have good control over the sound, the BY-DM20 is an economical option. It doesn't work with a wireless connection, so you need to be close to the people. Both microphone cables are 1.90 metres long. The volume of both microphones is individually adjustable. The BY-DM20 can be easily clamped to clothing with the built-in clamp. The BY-DM20 works on the basis of the power supply of your device (phantom power), no batteries are required.

Type of ProductPiespraužamie mikrofoni
Microphone connectioncable

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