Photo paper for printing - Tecco Screen Film Premium SF140 A3+ 100 Sheets - quick order from manufacturer
Tecco Tecco Screen Film Premium SF140 A3+ 100 sheets

Tecco Screen Film Premium SF140 A3+ 100 Sheets

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The Tecco Screen Film Premium SF140 is a (clear) transparent PET polyester based film.
;The SF140 has an improved coating. Therefore it is very shape and scratch resistant.
;This product is ideal for digital production of repro artwork, screen films and overlays.
;In addition also to special photo reproduction without chemicals and water.
;The most ideal storage conditions are 15 to 30 degrees.




- High color density.
;- Quick drying.
;- Scratch and water resistant.
;- High dimensional stability.

Tecco Tecco Screen Film Premium SF140 A3+ 100 sheets
Type of ProductPhoto inkjet paper
Paper typeLoksnēs
PurposeDigital printing
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