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1x Distance Meter RF-700; 1x CR2 battery; 1x Carrying case; 1x Cleaning cloth; 1x User manual

Konus Rangefinder RF-700

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The Konus RF-700 rangefinder is a compact rangefinder that can measure distances from 5 to 700 meters. The four different modes are easy to operate with the two buttons.

Application Konus RF-700 rangefinder

Konus has a fine rangefinder RF-700 that is extremely compact and handy. At the top are two buttons that can be used to operate the rangefinder. With the first button the RF-700 can be turned on and measurements can be taken.

With the mode button the right mode can be set, when the measuring device is switched on it is in the last used mode;

  1. Normal - To take measurements in normal conditions
  2. Rain - The measurement will not be affected by rain
  3. Flag - The nearest distance will be measured
  4. Deer - The distance to the farthest target will be measured

The RF-700 rangefinder is equipped with a crosshair for easy centering on the object. Measurements can be taken in metres or yards. You can switch quickly by pressing and holding the Mode button.

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