Cokin NUANCES Extreme ND8 - 3 f-stops X serie

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Cokin Nuances Extreme ND8 Filter X Series
The Cokin Nuances Extreme ND8 Filter X-Series is a solid ND filter to reduce the amount of transmitted light by 3-stops for greater creative control over aperture and shutter speed.

Renewed glass
The Nuances Extreme filter is made from a new type of tempered optical glass that is four times stronger than the previous series. This means that the Extreme filter is suitable for use in extreme conditions and can withstand the inevitable drops and scratches that can happen to any photographer.

Slower shutter speeds or less depth of field
The Nuances Extreme ND8 filter is suitable for taking photos with a slow shutter speed or for reducing the depth of field when filming. The filter literally captures the light without affecting the colours in your images.

Combine with other filters
Nuances filters are designed in such a way that they can be combined with each other without causing a colour cast. The filters can also be combined with other types of filters from Cokin's creative filter system, ideal if you want to experiment with a multiple filter set-up!


  • 3-stops
  • Compatible with the Cokin EVO L filter holder
  • Made of Schott glass B270
  • 2 Year Warranty 

CompatibleX Series
Filter typeND (gray)

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