Manfrotto Xume filter holder 58 mm

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Xume Lens Adapters are the product of over five years of design and development. They are deceptively simple, amazingly compact, and superbly functional. Each is precision machined with a beautiful OEM finish that seamlessly compliments your lenses. Convenient textured ring allows easy removal. With care it will last a lifetime. There's nothing like XUME.

XUME Quick Release Adapters free you from the tedium and frustration of changing filters while clients wait or as the perfect light slips away. Never miss a shot again. Use the filter you want on the lens you want, when you want. Great for polarizers and variable NDs. Patented Design, Works Great. XUME Adapters mount in any orientation. Nothing to align, no moving parts, nothing to wear out and completely safe to use. Will not harm your camera or lens, nor will it affect focus mechanisms, media cards, drives or other electronics.

Xume filter holders instantly and securely mount to your Xume Adapters. Very low profile-adds less thickness than a step ring. Convenient texture for easy removal.

One holder is needed for each of your most-used filters. Buy one for your lens cap or you will need to leave a filter on your lens when not in use. Please note that a regular lens cap will not fit our Lens Adapters. Buy an extra Filter Holder for your lens cap, keep a filter on your lens when not in use or purchase a dedicated XUME Lens Cap (77mm ONLY). One Adapter is needed for each of your lenses.

Looks Great. Precision-machined XUME Adapters have a beautiful OEM finish that seamlessly compliment your gear. XUME saves wear and will prolong the life of your lenses and filters. Designed For: DSLR Video Film & Cinematography Long Exposure Photography Wedding Photography Macro Photography Architectural Photography Fine Art Photography CSI Photography Truly International. XUME users literally span the globe, from Canada to Croatia, Iceland to India, Sweden to Singapore and everywhere in between.

Вид продуктаАдаптеры для фильтров
Тип товараAdapters for filters
Товары со скидкой (%)Почти бесплатно (более 50%)
Товары со скидкой (%)Немного дешевле (до 10%)
Размер скидки (€)5 - 20 €

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