Marumi T2 Adapter Micro 4/3

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A T2 adapter ring is used to connect your reflex camera to the camera adapter of for instance telescopes, microscopes, binoculairs and spotting scopes. On your telescope for instance you screw the camera adapter belonging to the telescope, and with a T2 ring you then make this camera adapter fitting for the bayonet connector on your reflex camera. You remove the objective from your camera, and click the T2 ring straight onto the camera body.

The T2 Micro 4/3 Adapter is needed to connect your camera with a Micro Four Third lens bayonet to a camera adapter of another optical device. With the help of a T2 Adapter, it is possible for example to use your spotting scope or telescope as a telephoto lens of your camera. It is also possible to connect the camera to a camera adapter of a microscope in order to make great detail recordings.

Application Marumi T2 Adapter Micro 4/3

First remove the lens from the bayonet mount of the camera and easily insert the T2 adapter. Now mount the right camera adapter with the T2 adapter so you can slide it over the eyepiece.

In this way, it is possible to use the spotting scope as a telephoto lens, for example, and create the most beautiful unique images at enormous magnification. On the other hand, it is possible to connect the camera to a microscope to take extremely detailed pictures and videos of the subject.

Marumi T2 adapter for Micro 4/3

This T2 adapter is suitable for all cameras fitted with a Micro four thirds lens mount.

Тип адаптерадругие типы
Адаптер для камерmicro 4/3
Адаптер для обьективовT2

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