Caruba Panoramakop Kliksysteem - roterende topring & quick release (DH-55)

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Caruba Panoramic Head Click System (DH-55)
The Caruba Panoramic Head Click System meets the highest standards for taking high-quality panorama shots. The head features an indexing rotator with ten interval options: 5 (72 stops), 10 (36 stops), 15 (24 stops), 20 (18 stops), 24 (15 stops), 30 (12 stops), 36 (10 stops), 45 (8 stops), 60 (6 stops) and 90 (4 stops). Lubricated bearings ensure smooth operation and laster-engraved index marks make it easy to make precise adjustments to the head. This panorama head is therefore ideal for taking HDR panorama photos.

Arca Swiss compatible
At the top, the head is equipped with an Arca Swiss compatible quick coupling mechanism and a handy spirit level. On the underside is a dovetail that allows you to place the PHN-6 on a tripod head with Arca Swiss clamp. Removing the dovetail reveals a 3/8" thread that allows the panoramic head to be mounted directly on a tripod. A thread adapter is included so that the panorama head can also be placed on a 1/4" thread. When mounted on a tripod the panorama head can also be used as a normal pan-base. A dial is provided on the sides to lock the base. 

Durable construction
The Caruba PHN-6 Panorama Head is made of black anodised aluminium for a high-quality finish and high durability. This compact and lightweight head is suitable for use with a wide range of lenses including ultra-wide-angle lenses. A protective bag is included for safe and dust-free storage. 


  • Ideal for taking HDR panoramic photos
  • Ten interval options: 5°-72, 10°-36, 15°-24, 20°-18, 24°-15, 30°-12, 36°-10, 45°-8, 60°-6 and 90°-4 
  • Arca Swiss compatible quick release mechanism
  • Two buttons to lock the top and base
  • Made of black anodised aluminium
  • Laser engraved index markings
  • Dovetail on the bottom
  • Maximum load capacity of 15 kilograms
  • Weighs 445 grams
  • 3 year warranty

In the box

  • 1 x Caruba Panoramic Head Click System - rotating top ring & quick release (DH-55)
  • 1 x Allen key
  • 1 x Screw thread adapter
  • 1 x Tools for adapter
  • 1 x Protecting storage bag

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