mantona GoPro Set Portrait

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  • Set for simple macro videos, but also for portraits with optimal illumination for GoPro Hero, DSLR cameras and system cameras.
  • ideal for shots taken up to 108 cm in height or near ground level using ј inch thread on tripod leg
  • ring lamp 28W with flexible neck, slewable and tiltable base
  • incl. bracket for camera directly on the ring lamp
  • Adapter to fasten the GoPro on screws with ј inch thread
  • Ideal in connection with hand pods, tripods or other standardized ј inch threads
  • very light lamp tripod with quick lock levers and two spigot or ј inch connections.

This set is ideal if you have always wanted to make videos or pictures in a macro style. The lamp tripod is equipped with two connections, which makes even ground level shots easy. The ring lamp with 28W and suitable holders enable a soft and uniform illumination of the selected object, whether insects plants or other details. The compact set has small packing dimensions and is suitable for GoPro cameras, as well as for DSLR or system cameras.

Ring Light 28 W
This Ring Light with Camera Bracket is particularly suitable for portrait and macro photography in a working range of 2cm to approx. 35cm. The Ring Light is applicable on every common lamp tripod. It ensures a shadow-free illumination of the motif. A use of compact cameras or the setting of the automatic program system of your SLR with this continuous light is possible. The Camera Bracket for ring flashes up to 40cm facilitates your work immensely, because it helps you to achieve a secure camera stand and perfect lighting. Through the adjustment from approx. 14-21cm, you can fix your camera exactly in the desired position. The Bracket can be attached directly on 1/4 inch threads on tripods.

WT-802 tripod
The walimex WT-802 Lamp Stand 108cm is a low priced and a convenient solution for beginners in the studio photography. The excellently processed stand can be used portably and flexibly with a net weight of approx. 570g and a transport size of approx. 41cm. You can use studio flashguns or reflectors up to a weight of approx. 2,5kg on this stand. With the standard spigot connection 5/8 inch with 1/4 and 3/8 inch thread the studio stand is suitable for all common studio flashguns and lights.

1x walimex WT-802 Lampenstativ, 108cm

General information

Product Type Lamp tripod, Studio tripod
Material Aluminium, Synthetic material
Product Color Black


Min. Working Height 420mm
Max. Working Height 1080mm
Max. Load Tripod 2500g
Pack Measure 41cm
Fastening Tripod Connection Adapter Phillips screw
Connection 5/8 Spigot, 1/4 Inch with thread connection
Weight tripod 570g
Tripod Excerpts 3St.
Number of Tripod Segments extendible 2
Material middle column Aluminium
Material closures Synthetic material
Recession obstructed No
Diameter 1st Tripod Segment (from below) 23mm
Diameter 2nd Tripod Segment (from below)Diameter 2nd Tripod Segment (from below) 20mm
Diameter 3rd Tripod Segment (from below) 17mm
Diameter Stand Area max. 390mm
Transportation Bag, Tripod included Yes
Type Lamp tripod


Girth 387mm
Height of Packaging 75mm
Length of Packaging 430mm
Packaging Material Carton
Packaging with Euro Hole No
Weight incl. Packaging 774g
Width of Packaging 79mm

1x walimex Kamerahalterung f.Ringleuchten 40W,65W

General information

Product Type Camera Bracket
Product Color Black
Material Metal
Height 50mm
Weight 185g
Width 140mm
Connection 1/4 inch
Special Features Height-adjustable from approx. 14-21cm


Girth 410mm
Height of Packaging 70mm
Length of Packaging 180mm
Packaging Material Polybag/Carton
Weight incl. Packaging 242g
Width of Packaging 100mm

1x walimex Ringleuchte 65W

General information

Product Type Ring Light
Material Aluminium, synthetic material
Product Color Black
Weight 1300g


Outer Diameter 480mm
inner diamter 370mm
Lamp Fluorescent tube
Number of Lamps bulbs bulbs 1Stk.
Performance 65W
Performance per lamp 65Watt
Pedestal 2GX13
Middle nominal life span 8.000h
Dimmable No
Brightness step-by-step dimmable No
Colour Temperature 5400K (5300-5500K)K
Color Temperature adjustable No, Yes by change of lamp
colour rendering index Ra 82-85Ra
Body material Plastic
Length gooseneck 230mm
Lamp replaceable Yes
Connection Mount 16mm inclusion and 5/8 inch spigot
Operating Voltage AC 220-240V/50Hz
Voltage supply power supply cord
Cable Length 2300mm


Girth 1667mm
Height of Packaging 54mm
Length of Packaging 579mm
Packaging Material Carton
Packaging with Euro Hole No
Weight incl. Packaging 1909g
Width of Packaging 490mm

1x mantona Adapter 1/4 Zoll Gewinde auf GoPro Mount

General information

Product Type Action Cam Fixing/Mount/Adapter
Material Synthetic material, metal
Product Color Black
Length 60mm
Width 30mm
Height 25mm
Weight 18g


Compatible Action Cams Universal for all GoPro models like Gopro Hero4 Silver and Black, Go Pro Hero3 + Silver and Black, Go Pro Hero3 / 2/1 Silver and Black, Go Pro Hero Session, Universal for all GoPro compatible Actioncams like Rollei 300, 300 Plus, 415, 425, SJCAM SJ4000 / SJ5000 / SJ6000, Garmin Virb XE, other compatible Actioncams , Universal for all Actioncams with GoPro mount and fastening systems
Connection 1/4 inch


Girth 290mm
Height of Packaging 16mm
Length of Packaging 159mm
Weight incl. Packaging 39g
Width of Packaging 86mm


Girth 2110mm
Height of Packaging 200mm
Length of Packaging 720mm
Weight incl. Packaging 2964g
Width of Packaging 495mm
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Вид аксессуаракомплекты

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