mantona filter adapter 58mm for GoPro Hero3

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  • suitable for GoPro Hero 3
  • usable for all filters with 58 mm diameter
  • suitable for UV-filters, polarization filters, Drive filters and ND-faders
  • sturdy material
  • incl. Allen key for fastening and hand strap

The adapter is most suitable for all filter types with 58 mm diameter. It can be quickly mounted to the GoPro Hero 3 and makes your Action Camera even more flexible. You can now simply use a neutral-density filter, UV-filter or polarization filter in combination with your GoPro for even higher quality shots. When diving the adapter can also be perfectly used in combination with a magenta or red filter. It is made of anodized aluminium and fits exactly to your GoPro Hero.

General information

Product Type Action Cam filter
Product Color Black
Weight 18g
Diameter 58mm


Girth 308mm
Height of Packaging 19mm
Length of Packaging 108mm
Weight incl. Packaging 19g
Width of Packaging 90mm
Вид аксессуарафильтры, линзы
Совместимы с камерамиvecākām GoPro

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