walimex pro microphone holder+ accessories rails

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Walimex pro


  • flexibly usable holder for microphones and other accessories
  • hot shoe mounting
  • with two 1/4 inch adapters
  • also usable as simple accessories adapter

Multi-purpose use: Due to the high flexibility you not only can use this holder for the safe mounting of microphones, but also use it to mount other accessories. The holder with rails is mounted to the hot shoe of the camera, whereby the fastening rings can be flexibly clamped and screw fastened along the rail. No matter what size microphone - the included rubber rings provide a secure hold. Above the microphone further accessories like e.g. an LED-lamp or a monitor can additionally be mounted via the 1/4 inch adapter. The holder can obviously also simply be used as just an accessories adapter.

General information

Product Color Black
Length 100mm
Weight 270g
Connection 2x 1/4 inches of adaptor
Type Microphone holder


Girth 446mm
Height of Packaging 52mm
Length of Packaging 209mm
Packaging Material Carton
Packaging with Euro Hole No
Weight incl. Packaging 360g
Width of Packaging 145mm
Mikrofonu aksesuāriStiprinājumi

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