walimex Magic Softbox 23x23cm for System Flash

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  • universally suited for system flashes
  • ideal for remote flashing on an external tripod
  • very well-suited for lenses starting at a focal length of 85mm
  • creates soft light for portrait, product or nude photography
  • with rear diffuser for even softer light characteristic
  • attachment with velcro
  • built very sturdily with a solid connection
  • very compact transport size
  • incl. transport bag

Soft light for portrait, product or nude photography
The Magic Softbox by walimex creates soft light which is ideal for portrait, product or nude photography. It is universally suited for system flashes. It is especially well suited in combination with lenses with a focal length of 85mm or more and for remote flashing on an external tripod. A rear diffuser creates an even softer light characteristic if needed.

Sturdy and easy to mount
The Magic Softbox is built sturdily and is simply mounted to the system flash and attached with velcro. Two velcro straps ensure a very solid connection.

Extremely compact
The Magic Softbox can be folded flat for transport and stored in its transport bag. It is ideal for mobile photographers.

General information

Weight 160g
Material Synthetic material
Product Color Black, White
Width 230mm


Suitable for System flash


Girth 595mm
Height of Packaging 39mm
Length of Packaging 259mm
Weight incl. Packaging 211g
Width of Packaging 239mm
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