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Tripod for Binoculars 165cm; Carry Bag

Konus Tripod for Binoculars 165cm

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The Konus Tripod for Binoculars is made of lightweight metal and consists of 3 adjustable sections (from 65 cm to 160 cm). The mounting plate is suitable for binoculars, spotting scopes and cameras. The ball head is equipped with a handle and spirit level, enabling you to position and level your binoculars, spotting scope or camera. Further, the tripod is also equipped with a spirit level enabling you to position the legs correctly. The Konus Tripod is supplied with a carry bag, enabling you to easily transport the tripod to and from location.

This Konus tripod, made of lightweight metal, consists of three sections (62 cm to 137 cm).
The tripod is equipped with a handle so that it can easily be taken along on a trip or a hike. Because the tripod has a spirit level, it can be placed perfectly straight on any surface. The spirit level has two levels.

Application Konus Tripod for Binoculars 165cm

After you easily remove the sections from the tripod legs, you can fix them with the clamps. As soon as the tripod is in position, you can use the handle to turn the tripod head upwards. When the tripod has reached the desired height (maximum 165cm), it can be completely secured with the fixing screw just above the handle. In this way, you ensure that the tube is fixed and does not drop down when heavier binoculars or spotting scopes are placed on it. By loosening this fastening screw, the tripod can be lowered again.

The tripod head is also equipped with a lever to make your observations more pleasant, because you can follow objects by using the lever to move the binoculars or spotting scope while continuing to look through it. The whole set comes with a handy bag.

Technical features:

  • Rotating mount.
  • Two level spirit level.
  • Maximum height opened 165cm.
  • Minimum length closed 65cm.
  • Weight: 1500 gr.
  • Maximum load capacity: 2000 gr
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