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Binocular 10-30x60; Carrying case, Carrying belt; Instructions in several languages
1x Binocular 10-30x60;1x Carrying case;1x Carrying belt;1x Instructions in several languages;1x Full color packaging

Konus Binoculars Newzoom 10-30x60

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The Konus Newzoom 10-30x60 is available in 3 diameters with different power in order to match every user's needs. These binoculars also feature a strong and rugged body with rubber armour and crisp optical quality.
;The versatility of a zoom binocular is unparalled since you have the option to change the number of magnifications and switch from a large panoramic view to a close-up view of the smallest details.

The Konus Newzoom binoculars are economical binoculars for the novice viewer. Besides the favorable price, the Konus Newzoom 10-30x60 has a variable zoom. This is adjustable from 10x to 30x. The Newzoom is equipped with manual focus adjustment and comes with a built-in tripod mount. In addition, it has folding eye caps, ideal for (sun) glasses wearers.

Application Konus Newzoom 10-30x60

The Konus Newzoom is ideally suited for plane spotting, bird watching and can also be used on trips. For spectacle wearers, both eyepieces have flip-up eyecups, which you fold down when you have your glasses on. Using the zoom function you can magnify from 10 to 30 times. Ideal if you, for example, want to spot birds one time and look at airplanes the next time. When you stay in one place for a long time, a tripod in combination with a tripod adapter can be a solution. These can be found in the optional accessories.

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