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Konus Binoculars Sporty 10x50 WA; Carrying cover; Belt; Lenscaps; Manual

Konus Binoculars Sporty 10x50 WA

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The Sporty Konus 10x50 WA has a wide angle lens which results in a nice wide screen. It has a fixed focus which means the binoculars is autofocus. This is especially useful when observing fast moving objects. Because the viewer is covered with rubber it has a good grip. Using the tripod Cone Adapter it allows you to mount the binoculars on a tripod.

The Konus Sporty 10x50 WA is versatile and always ready for use. The Konus Sporty is great when it comes to quickly catching a moving subject. Because of the Fix Focus you don't have to focus the binoculars and it's enough to look through the lenses. WA stands for Wide Angle and these models have a wider viewing angle than comparable models without WA.
The 50 mm lenses are treated with the special "Green-Coating", so you are assured of sharp and clear images, even at dusk. The solid body is equipped with a rubber anti-slip coating, so you don't have to worry about the Sporty slipping out of your hands.

With the optional Konus tripod adapter (see optional accessories) you can place the binoculars on a tripod to prevent movements so you can observe for hours.

Application Konus Sporty 10x50 Fix Focus

The Sporty 10x50 is the perfect binocular during (water) sports events and can also be used while skiing and/or snowboarding. The 50mm objectives in combination with the 10x magnification provide a wide angle of 5.5°. The large field of view of 96m/1000m is ideal for (water) sports events.


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