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Matin Cleaning Cloth Super 25x35 M-6322

Matin Cleaning Cloth Super 25x35 M-6322

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The Matin M-6322 Super Cleaning Cloth 25x35cm are specifically designed to clean delicate, coated lenses. The cloth is made of ultra fine 0.1-denier microfiber, making it soft and dense. The M-6322 is absorbs more dirt, grease and moisture than a shammy and leaves the surface grease-free, without a scratch. Due to its features, the cloth is also suitable for furniture, musical instruments and audio/video equipment.


The M-6322 can be gently hand washed and is available in the following 2 sizes:


- 25x35cm
;- 40x50cm

Тип товараCleaning Products
Тип чистящего средствасалфетки

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