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1 x Marumi Cloth Super Microfiber 22x22

Marumi Cloth Super Microfiber 22x22

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The Marumi super microfiber cloth offers you a safe solution for cleaning your camera, accessories and other sensitive products. The cloth easily wipes away dirt, dust and fingerprints, with minimum pressure. For an optimal usage, one side of the cloth is printed with an acrylic pattern. Before you start cleaning your products you need to remove big pieces of dirt, like sand, to prevent any damage to your products.




You can use the Marumi super microfiber cloth for cleaning lenses, binoculars, filters, magnifiers, displays and more. The size of the cloth is 22 x 22 cm, which is large enough to use the cloth in a handy way.

1 x Marumi Cloth Super Microfiber 22x22
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