Peak Design mounting adapter Mobile Mount 1 M-MM-AD-BK-1

  • Адаптер для Peak Design SlimLink™
  • Совместимость с различными держателями для телефонов
  • Монтажная головка из обработанного/анодированного алюминия
  • Совместимость с MaqSafe и беспроводная зарядка
  • Компактный и вневременной дизайн

Peak Design mounting adapter Mobile Mount 1 M-MM-AD-BK-1

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Peak Design


  • Suitable for outdoor use (motorcycles, motorbikes, ATVs, boats)
  • Weatherproof machined and anodized aluminum
  • The Magnet+ mechanical lock is extremely secure
  • A best-in-class vibration isolator prevents damage to the phones delicate components
  • Requires Peak Design Case or Universal Adapter
  • USB-C cable and 12 V automatic socket adapter included
  • Includes clips for discreet cable routing
  • Charges the phone wirelessly as soon as the phone is magnetically attached to the mount
  • Works with any phone that has a Peak Design Case or Universal Adapter
  • Works with a MagSafe phone or case

Upgrade to SlimLink™
Upgrade any ball and socket phone mount with the SlimLink™ connection system. Replace your bulky phone holder with a low-profile, ultra-strong and easy-to-use system. Mounts on any phone holder with 1 ball and socket connections.
Holds phone in portrait or landscape position, easy to view, attach and remove phone with one hand.

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