Falcon Eyes Wall Mount MBH-700

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Falcon Eyes


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The Falcon Eyes MBH-700 Wall Mount is equipped with a spigot holder and can be fixed to the wall or ceiling. The MBH-700 is essential for mounting studio equipment equipped with a spigot, such as flash units or reflector holders.


The metal plate has a dimension of 8 x 8cm and can be fixed to the wall or ceiling with 4 screws. The spigot holder is made of a thick, synthetic material.

The Falcon Eyes Wall Mount MBH-700 is a mount that you can attach to the ceiling or wall. Using a spigot adapter (not included) you can easily connect accessories that use a spigot, such as a flash or the holder of a reflection screen. The plate that can be attached to the wall or ceiling has a diameter of 8x8 cm and is provided with four holes and a metal ring. You can attach a safety cable to this metal ring that, in the unlikely event that your device falls, is secured by means of the safety cord. The safety lanyard can be found in optional accessories. The plate is made of metal, the spigot holder is made of thick sturdy plastic.

Application Falcon Eyes Wall Mount MBH-700


The wall holder can be used to hang items on a wall or ceiling that have a spigot connection. If you need more length, this can be achieved by means of an adapter or a tilting bracket. You can then connect an extension rod or a flexible flex arm to the adapter or tilting bracket. The types of extension rods, flex arms and adapters can be found under optional accessories. You will also find an adapter with screw thread in the optional accessories so that you can also use the wall holder for items that do not work with a spigot connection.


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