Falcon Eyes Camera Tilting Bracket CLD-5MF

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Falcon Eyes


The Falcon Eyes CLD-5MF Camera Tilting Bracket is essential if you wish to mount small accessories such as an LED lamp onto your camera, light stand or tripod. The tilting bracket can be tilted 90 forwards and backwards and can be rotated 360 .


Falcon Eyes CLD-5MF Camera Tilting Bracket Possibilities


The tilting bracket is equipped with a male thread on the top and a female thread on the bottom. The CLD-5MF is also equipped with a hotshoe connection enabling you to easily mount the tilting bracket on to your camera.


Please note: if you have a Sony or Konica Minolta camera, you will need to purchase the Falcon Eyes HS-25Sa Hotshoe Adapter which can be found in the optional accessories tab below.

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