Libec ZC-LP

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Zoom control for LANC/Panasonic cameras.

The New ZC-LP Zoom Control is our most innovative remote control for LANC (Sony, Canon, and JVC) and Panasonic cameras!

Libec ZC-LP Features
Invert Switch to change your zoom direction
Double-Sided Zoom Rocker design for underslung position
Zoom with your fingers, not just your thumb
Smooth & precise zoom speeds
REC Start/Stop button
Can be attached to round pipes up to 45mm in diameter
7m cable with a 2.5mm jack for LANC/Panasonic cameras

The Libec ZC-LP remote zoom control is equipped with an inverted switch that allows you to change the direction of the transfocus, which you can use when the control is placed on top of the tripod handle or inverted on the bottom of the tripod handle. It has a switch for switching between devices - LANC/Panasonic. The device holder can adapt to rods with a diameter of up to 45 mm. Zooming is controlled by tilting the cradle. The cradle controller is ergonomically shaped and reversible. It allows easy adjustment of both the focal length and the transfocal speed. The ZC-LP remote control measures 80 x 55 mm.

Basic features of the Libec ZC-LP:

  • remote camera on/off (REC, START/STOP)
  • compatible with Sony/Canon and Panasonic cameras
  • switch for reversing the direction of transfocus (zoom)
  • variable transfocus (zoom) speed by tilting the cradle (the more you tilt the cradle, the faster the transfocus speed)
  • can be attached to the handle of a tripod or monopod

Libec ZC-LP function buttons:

  • inverted zoom switch (normal/reverse, zoon in/zoom out)
  • record button (start/stop)
  • rocker control for transfocus (zoom)
  • converter for LANC/Panasonic

  • controller
  • cable

  • weight: 0.12kg
  • connectivity: 2.5mm jack
  • cable length: approx. 0.7mm, Ø 2.5mm
  • working temperature: -10°C to +40°C

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